Cold Storage Chambers

Coolblok is our range of totally modular shelves for storing food, cooking utensils or cleaning products in your professional kitchen. In addition to the Coolblok warranty, they also have EC and NF Food Hygiene certification.

The 15 micron anodised aluminium used and the high density polyethylene shelves provide excellent performance at temperatures between –40ºC and +80ºC.

In addition to the guarantee provided by Coolblok’s ISO9001 certificate of quality for its manufacturing and production processes, the shelves also carry the CE mark and have NF food hygiene certification.

These marks assure that not much dirt builds up and any that does can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Designed to make the most of the space available, Coolblok shelves can be used to store food, cooking utensils or cleaning products in a professional kitchen.


GN containers fit perfectly into the Coolblok shelves, making them ideal for use in restaurants & hotels

When it comes to food hygiene, a perfectly clean process must be assured in all steps of the food chain.

Coolblok certificates the quality of its manufacturing and production processes: ISO9001 certificate, CE mark, NF Food Hygiene certification.