Symposium on Clean Room technology organized by Purever Tech

Between the 17th and 18th February 2014, Purever Tech presented the I International Symposium on Clean Rooms in Cuba (Havana, Meliá Hotel), with the main subject “Definition and Architecture of Controlled Environments“. Among the guests, there were representatives of the most experienced Cuban companies dedicated to pharmaceutical research, such as Farmacuba, Tecnotex, Cimab, Alimpex and Medicuba.

Those are some of the companies part of BioCubaFarma, a Cuban state group for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The group produces generic drugs, therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, diagnostic systems and medical equipment using the latest technology, such as cleanrooms.

In 2013, BioCubaFarma announced that it intended to strengthen the Cuban economy by doubling the exports of pharmaceutical products over the next five years. This ambitious statement, along with Purever Tech’s 20 years of experience in projects, commercialization, installation and specialized after-sales services for Clean Rooms, made the Cuban pharmaceutical companies very interested in the I International Symposium on Clean Rooms.

The event was a success, with about 120 participants who received highly specialized insights into the different types of clean rooms and its importance in the scientific, technological and hospital sectors. There were also bilateral meetings, the ideal opportunity for companies to discuss their doubts about the different types of cleanrooms, their level of environmental requirements and their architectural solutions as well as the criteria to be taken into account for the design and construction of pharmaceutical production projects.

This event was fundamental for the consolidation of the international presence of Purever Tech, which already exports 50% of its production. Its main areas of activity are the following sectors: food industry, laboratories, hospitals, schools, chemical, microbiologic, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology and microelectronics, but also packaging areas which also need controlled environments.