Purever Tech organizes symposium on Cleanrooms in Cuba

Purever Tech in Latin America

“We are one of the most relevant manufacturers of specific products for Cleanrooms and international projects represent more than 70% of our activity, a number that Purever Tech intends to strengthen. The organization of international events such as this Symposium are the key to our world presence, which is an integral part of our strategy for 2014.” (José Marques, Purever Tech’s Clean Room Director)


Purever Tech was proud to present the I International Symposium on Cleanrooms, with the subject “Definition and Architecture of Controlled Environments“. This symposium was held on 17 and 18 February in Cuba, La Habana.

Besides promoting contact between different companies in the Cleanroom sector through bilateral meetings, the symposium addressed topics of great interest to the market players:

  • Different types of cleanrooms, their level of environmental requirements and their architectural solutions;
  • Criteria for the design and construction of projects in pharmaceutical production;
  • Importance of clean rooms in the scientific, technological and hospital sectors.

“All these subjects were presented by professionals with extensive experience in the sector, strengthening the position of Purever Tech as a specialist company, which is fundamental to our brand building. Such events allow direct contact between the industry and the various types of public” says Alejandro Minguez, Marketing Director of Purever Group.

Purever Tech, a company from Purever Group, is specialized in technical turn-key solutions for clean rooms. It has over 20 years of experience in projects, commercialization, installation and follow-up of modular construction work. Purever Tech has offices and associates in Portugal, Spain and France, with a special department to support international projects.

Purever Tech already developped projects in the Maghreb countries (such as Morocco and Algeria), South America (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay), Central America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras), North America (USA) America Africa (Cape Verde) and even Iraq and Luxembourg. In South America, Purever Tech’s most important references are Synthon, Laproff, Humax Pharmaceutical and Lasca. Elsewhere in the world, the company is proud to have as clients Inpharma, Bial, Boehringer, Roche, Unipharma, several hospitals and scientific laboratories. Because of these references worldwide, as well as the internationally recognized quality of services and products, Purever Tech has experienced exponential growth in recent years.

“Historically, Cuba is a specialist in Medicine, with a wide and globally recognized path in the education and training of medical and hospital specialties. With regard to laboratories, Cuba is developing projects with international standards, becoming a very interesting market for Purever Tech”, says Alejandro Minguez.