Purever Tech builds LEICA installations (photographic camera)

Clean rooms are defined as environments of production and/or testing that allow the monitorization of particulates in the air, the stabilization of the temperature and humidity level. Purever Tech is the Iberian leader in the production of materials for the construction of Cleanrooms.

Also designated by White Rooms, Controlled Environment Rooms or simply Clean Rooms, they are used in various sectors of activity. The most obvious examples of application are the industries of cosmetics, electronics, chemicals, food processing and hospitals.

However, Cleanrooms may be needed in less obvious cases, such as advanced technology. Did you know that top optical products are also manufactured in Clean Rooms? LEICA, the world’s most famous manufacturer of photographic cameras, had their latest facilities in Portugal built by Purever Tech.

The construction of Purever Tech’s clean rooms at LEICA’s facilities was based on the compartmentalisation of three classified areas. In the hazardous areas doors and windows were applied, as well as all finishes required for a perfect operation (such as anchorages and profiles).

In this cleanroom project for the optics sector, LEICA also required the development of PureBox, pass-throughs or pass boxes of materials specific to the needs of the production unit, especially developed by Purever Tech thus providing a complete solution of a controlled environment.