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Purever Tech collaborated in works of expansion of a pharmaceutical laboratory in the Saharawi refugee field in Tindouf (Algeria), in order to improve access and availability of medicines to the population.

The goal of this project from medicusmundus Catalunya was to improve the health care services in the Algerian town of Tindouf, the most inhospitable area of the Sahara Desert, where the Saharawi refugee population lives since 1975. Through this project, which began in 1992, it was possible to contribute to a greater availability of essential medicines and the rational use of them among the population.

The latest phase of the works in the laboratory previewed the expansion of the available infrastructure and equipment, as well as increased regulatory compliance of Good Practices for Medication Production. To achieve it, medicusmundus counted on Purever Tech, which provided a clean room – a production environment widely used in the pharmaceutical industry that allows the control of particulate matter in the air, the stabilization of the temperature and humidity level. Currently 180,000 inhabitants of the refugee camps are being benefited by the project.

With this work done by Purever Tech, it was possible to achieve the following objectives:

  • Rehabilitation and conditioning of the essential pharmaceuticals laboratory;
  • The reconstruction of the procedures and laboratory management system, to make it more operational and efficient;
  • Standardization and implementation of quality control techniques of raw materials and finished product;
  • Realization of training for the staff.

Currently, the program has a team of 10 people, all local Saharawi staff.

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