International presence

Purever Tech's facilities

Purever Group strategy aims to increase our international presence working with reliable long-term partners, appointing new distributors and agents.

We are confident that we have competitive products and professional solutions to offer to a wide range of markets and costumers.

Since 2001, Purever has integrated new companies and factories and is now able to offer a much wider range of products and solutions.

The next step is to develop new markets, complementing our current distribution network. Though the group is present in more than 20 countries, we aim to extend our international presence.

Purever’s growth is based on a reputation as a group of companies manufacturing quality and competitive products, forging long-term partnership with key international companies and managing turn-key projects or developing innovative solutions.

Our experienced staff and R&D are a key aspect of our growth, developing customized products and solutions. We work closely with potential customers and build valuable solutions that help them develop their business into a more profitable and enduring one.

We are open for new business wherever our products and solutions fit in. Feel free to contact us should you be interested in growing with us, exploring new alternatives or developing new projects. Our professionals are here to help you.

Creating Value to our Customers