370 / 470 / 560 mm Shelving

Besides the 370 and 470 mm sizes, Coolblok also has a shelving system thought out specifically for Gastronorm 1/1 containers: the 560 mm shelf. To avoid any contact between food and the floor, Coolblok has also designed unique floor benches that respect hygiene regulations and are certified with the NF mark. Thus, Coolblok offers a variety of possibilities for customisation, with different sizes, heights and configurations, taking into account the customer’s needs.

The shelves can be arranged in L, U, M, T or in the best fit for the space available. The three lines of Coolblok shelves can be combined in order to provide an arrangement tailored to the respective needs. In addition, they also have a configurator that simplifies the task of defining the most suitable arrangement. All you need to do is input the dimensions of the space where the shelves will be installed and the desired model.