Coolblok’s NF Shelving is designed to help you store any food in cold rooms, either in packaging or specific containers for food or prepared meals.

Made of 15 microns of anodized aluminum and high-density polyethylene shelves, it promises excellent behavior at temperatures between -40ºC and +80ºC.

In addition to the ISO9001 quality certificate of Purever Industrial Solutions, Coolblok’s factory’s production and manufacturing processes, the shelves have the NF certificate for food hygiene.

These certifications ensure the reduction of waste accumulation on our shelves, and, in case they appear, they guarantee easy cleaning.

Designed to make the most of the available space, Coolblok NF shelving can also be used to store kitchen utensils or cleaning products.


Coolblok’s shelves are the ideal alternative to the rigidity of the classic systems because their modularity allows a complete adaptation to any professional kitchen, making the most of the available space.

They support up to 200 kg per shelf in shelves equal to or less than 1035 mm long and up to 150 kg per shelf in shelves between 1035 and 1580 mm long. Durability against the demands of an industrial kitchen is guaranteed.

In the hospitality sector, most of the stock is quickly perishable, which can be reflected in a loss of money for companies. For this reason, Coolblok’s shelving guarantees hygienic storage that facilitates this management.

To simplify the work processes, we have shelves for storage in walls and carts for the logistics of products and accessories.


Coolblok’s shelving has a simple and functional system without giving up an attractive design, complementing the aesthetics of any space.

The easy assembly and compliance with HACCP standards ensure that both laundry and cleaning materials are perfectly organized and stored according to the needs of each business.

Choosing flat shelves allows for storage free of marks or wrinkles.

To add to the fluidity of your work, we also have carts for the proper movement of linen and cleaning products.


Coolblok equipment facilitates all kinds of storage, regardless of who uses them.

Our shelves were designed to be the best solution for storage in any company through a configuration tailored to your needs.

The practical adaptation to your space is possible thanks to the modularity of the shelving set (up to 10) and the angular assembly’s ability.

We also have wall shelves, allowing overhead storage to save space.


To further streamline the workflow, we have a wide range of carts that allow the movement of garbage and cargo and the organization and distribution of elements of the daily service.

Available in several standard sizes, all models have an optimized load capacity to match each intended function.

Whether for moving laundry, trays, kitchen dishes or other types of loads, we have the solutions your company needs to empower your spaces better and save time.


In addition to the NF shelving solution, shelves are available as possible additions.

They are designed in various dimensions to organize loads of all kinds.

Whether for food or cleaning products, clothing, or kitchen utensils, Coolblok’s shelves are the perfect addition to guarantee the organization you are looking for.

With integrated solutions, it is possible to create increasingly fluid work processes.